Design Patterns [0/N] – Intro

In this series, I’ll document what I read in Design Pattern, and I’ll attach a C# project as an example to illustrate the pattern idea and usage.

Why Design Patterns?

  • On my projects over last 2 years, I faced some problems which related some how with this topic.

What is the Design Patterns?

  • We resorted to Design patterns to solve some problems while Designing the projects, and a lot of wise people tried to put solutions for every problem till they found the most acceptable solutions, and now this solutions becomes Patterns that we can use.
  • To use this patterns you need to Read, Think and Apply.
    • Read the pattern -problem and solution-
    • Think how this problem is close to yours, and how this pattern can solve it.
    • Finally, Apply this solution on your application.

About the Title:

  • “Design Pattern” is our General topic name.
  • “[0/N]” is the topic number from N topics.
  • “- Intro” the sub-topic title like: [Intro, Observer Pattern, etc. ]

My references:

  • Mainly I read this book “Head First Design Patterns”.
  • “Google” For more info or explanations.

Three, Two, One, let’s Start.


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