Abdullah Adel Hassan

Citizenship Egyptian Languages Arabic    (Mother tongue)
Cell (+2) 01097881102 English  (Fluent)
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Technical Blog Portfolio deviantART
  • High School Certificate from El-Redwan School with 94 % in 2009
  • Bachelor of Science from Faculty of Computer and Information Science Ain-Shams University in 2013
Technical skills
  • Languages:
▪ C# ▪ PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript ▪ Prolog
▪ XAML ▪ Java
  • Concepts:
▪ Algorithm Analysis and Design. ▪ OOP
▪ Design Patterns. ▪ Data Structures.
▪ UML Modeling. ▪ Game Programming.
▪ Parallel Programing. ▪ Multi-Threading.
  • Technologies:
▪ XNA Game studio. ▪ OpenCV and Emgu CV.
▪ Android APIs. ▪ OpenGL.
▪ Google APIs. ▪ Adobe Photoshop.
  • 3D Area Reconstruction, MATLAB
    • Built a system capable of constructing a 3D model from a set of sorted and related images of scenes and their camera parameters.
  • Car Wiper System, C and ESD Smart Kit
    • Working on “ESD Smart Kits”, connected through UART, receiver board contains the motors which operated at three speeds, and commands are sent from the transmitter Kit.
  • Sublime Compiler, C++ and QT
    • Developed a front-end compiler for C-Like language that contains two main phases: scanning and parsing.
  • Handwritten Digits Recognition, C#
    • Designed and implemented a neural network for classifying handwritten digits based on K-NN on MNIST database with accuracy ~82%.
  • Image Processing Package, C++ and C#
    • Developed an image processing package that contains several filtering, resizing, image segmentation and morphology techniques. Examples
  • Motion Detection, C#
    • Real-time detection for motion in videos with (static/dynamic) background, using some image segmentation and morphology techniques.
  • Color Controller, Windows Store Application [C# and XAML]
    • Productivity tool, helps in selecting colors and generating convenient colors.
  • Where’s My Money?, Windows Store Application [C# and XAML]
    • Financial application, helps in tracking expenses with user-friendly UI.
  • OS Memory Management, C
    • As part of Operating Systems’ course, this project was to implement the memory management module and other kernel features for a port of the Linux kernel in C.
  • Image and Video Retargeting, C#
    • Developed two desktop applications, one for applying Content Aware Resizing on images and the other for “Finding Static Seams” in videos.
  • Intelligent Vehicle, C++ and OpenGL
    • A self-driving car that is capable of navigating in a dynamic environment and reaching a specified target, our current implementation involves using Lifelong Planning A* and steering behaviors.
  • Game similar to Crash Bash, XNA
    • Developing a simple game engine consist of modules for screen management, animation, input and physics engine.
  • Pac Man Returns, Java Android game
    • Pac Man game with many new features like adding guns and teleportation.
  • Board Games, C#
  • Bussa l-Bokra
    • Business idea and plan for a simple idea to make the future simpler in financial treatment.
  • Bank Management System, C# and C++
    • Implementation for many data structures used in bank management systems.
  • 2nd Place in acmASCIS Local Contest, 2010
  • 1st Place in acmASCIS Warm Up Contest, 2010
  • 1st Place in the Competition of “Algorithms: Fastest Image Resizing Project”, 2012
  • 1st Place in the “Algorithms Analysis and Design Project”, 2012
  • 1st Place in Object Oriented Programming Project, 2011
  • 2nd Place in Data structures Project, 2011
  • 1st Place in Information System course Project, 2011
  • Best Project in Embedded Systems track, based on functionality and coding style, 2013
  • acmASCIS Hard worker and Creative Participant Certificate, 2011 and 2012
  • Certificate of Honor from SUPPORT for Efforts in media field as Media Head, 2012
  • Most Funny Award From SUPPORT, 2012
  • Organization of “Business Organization” projects, 2010
  • Certificate of Honor from SUPPORT for Efforts in media field as Media Member, 2010
Soft skills
  • Hard Worker, Team Player, Problem Solving, Mentoring Skills, Good at Typewriting, and Self-Learning.
Extra activities
    • Media Advisor, 2013
    • Junior Training Committee Member, 2011 – present
      • Mentoring junior trainees and gives lectures in C++ and algorithms:
  • SUPPORT (student activity)
    • Head of Media Team 12’ crew.
    • Media member in 10’ and 11’ crew.
  • Ain-Shams Student Union
    • Graphic designer and IT trainer in field of Graphic and Web Designing, 2010
  • Participated in Project Experience Sharing Day, give a talk about the new experience we get in “Board Games Pack” Project.
Interests Reading, Drawing, Photography, Designing and Playing Computer Games “strategy and board games”

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